Starts with skin analysis followed by cleansing, exfoliating, relaxation massage techniques, extraction, toning and choosing the right treatment mask. Includes neck and shoulder massage.

     Upgrade Treatments:

·          Collagen Facial  $20
The collagen product is applied on the face by customized mask. It regenerates and plumps up the skin, smooths fine lines, and restores the skins natural color and elasticity.

·          Oxygen Facial  $20
The components in this treatment help increase the consumption of oxygen, stimulate regeneration of skin cells, and improve skin resistance from harmful effects of the environment.

·          Glycolic Peel Facial  $20
Used to help detach accumulated dead cells from the superficial epidermis. It will give color to the skin as it hydrates and refreshes, leaving skin glowing with a more youthful appearance. Great for hyper-pigmentation, and acne.

·          Pumpkin Enzyme Peel / AHA Facial  $20
Strong pumpkin enzymes are wonderful exfoliants for the skin. Combined with salicylic acid it is a perfect treatment for any type of skin, especially acne-prone. It will leave your skin feeling refreshed and lighter. Good for hyper-pigmentation.

·          Vitamin-C  Peel Facial $20
Made of rich 30% L-Ascorbic Acid helps stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. This peel is great for sensitive skin. Works well for rosacea and acne as it revitalizes dull, congested skin and 
balances oil production.


We accomplish this by erasing external surface defects and rebuilding internal cellular structures. Our advanced treatment technology effectively restores youthful vitality, health, and tone, by removing years of External aging, wrinkles, and skin damage, and at the same time triggering Internal Facial Restructuring at the cellular level with the release of Collagen & Elastin in the Dermis.

Health and tone of the skin are improved by a dramatic increase in Epidermal circulation which flushes the skin’s toxins out, while the increased flow of Blood Nutrients maintains healthy rebuilding of the underlying skin structure.

You won’t need expensive facelifts, laser, or collagen injections either. Our Reversing Time treatment programs will remove what aging has added, and renew what aging took away, naturally.


One of the safest techniques of polishing and rejuvenating the skin. Replace your Microdermabrasion treatments with this peel and feel the difference. It will improve the overall quality of the skin by addressing changes of mild spot-aging, age spots, enlarged pores and acne. It also effective in reducing the appearance of fine line and superficial scars.


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